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Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading PR & communications platform, trusted by over 60,000 communicators and 5,000 brands around the world.

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What can Mynewsdesk do for you?

  • 50% of startup costs

    You get a hosted newsroom with no need for in-house development, our developers are always keeping you up to date, minus the headache of not knowing your spend. 

  • 23% increase in email opening rates

    As a company or organization, you need to provide what journalists want! Our clients experience an increase in their media relations communications in their media outreach activities, in comparison to industry standards.

  • 70% of distribution time saved

    Getting all your content out there can be really time-consuming. Save heaps of time by gathering your content in one tool! 9 out of 10 of our clients say they save time by using Mynewsdesk.

  • 53% increase in media coverage

    Get your news out there and generate real coverage! Find new journalists and reach an audience you never thought you had, and improve your relationship with those that already care about you.

Featured Success Story:


Building a media house with Mynewsdesk
We met up with Cathrine Stabel, PR and Corporate Communications Manager for L’Oréal Norway, to find out how their Mynewsdesk online newsroom is supporting their storytelling strategy.

Watch our customers’ success stories

  • “We saw, within an hour, as many hits on our news pages as we would typically get in a month, because of the way we positioned and promoted our story”… continue reading

    Francis Thomas, Head of Corporate Affairs,London Midland

  • “Speaking to Mynewsdesk made us realise there was so much more we could be doing with our PR and comms and engagements with our members”… continue reading

    Kat Hill, CEO, UKBJJA

  • sap

    “Now by using the analysis function, we can really see how many picked up on the email, who opened it, and if it was of interest to the wider audience, and that’s a massive improvement”… continue reading 

    Susanne Kapfer, Director Integrated Communications, SAP Nordics

  • peugeot_logo

    “We could measure that the traffic actually increased when I sent out the press releases”…continue reading

    Hanne Sørensen, PR Manager, Peugeot Denmark


  • telia

    “I think Mynewsdesk has not just made my work life easier, it also creates more value for the company”… continue reading

    David Engstrøm, PR Manager, Telia Denmark


  • fred_olsen_cruise_lines

    “We use the tagging system to organise our content for our own use but also when we’re advising journalists and media partners”… continue reading

    Ruth Ryland, PR Executive, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines

  • neopost

    “Not only have our page views increased, but the amount of time people have spent on a particular article has increased”… continue reading

    Claire Dodds, Marketing Communications Manager, Neopost Ltd

  • ford

    “Without Mynewsdesk, the job I do today would take much longer. I have discovered that some of our stories have ended up in media that I have never had contact with”… continue reading

    Lene Dahlquist, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Ford Denmark.

  • “I have look on my Analyze dashboard everyday, because I’m really proud of our numbers”… continue reading

    Anja Mutschler, Managing Partner Nimirum

  • sports_aid

    “It really has made a big difference to the way we communicate and tell our story”… continue reading

    Simon Worsfold, Communication Manager, SportsAid

  • orkla

    “I chose Mynewsdesk because it was the most versatile tool on the market. Also, the SEO is by far the best on the market”… continue reading

    Emma Vironmäki, Communications and CSR Manager, Orkla Foods Finland

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Featured Success Story:

Solar Weekend Festival

Mynewsdesk helps Solar Weekend tune in with journalists
See how Solar Weekend’s marketing team juggles their comms during the busy festival weekend with the help of a Mynewsdesk newsroom.